G702 sideVoIP Wireless Router Dual-Band AP with 2 FXS G702


5 10/100M  RJ45 ports, 2 FXS RJ11 ports
1 USB port
5dBi external antenna
IEEE802.11ac 450Mbps & IEEE802.11n 300Mbps Wi-Fi
Hardware NAT (HNAT) engine with 100Mbps NAT/NAPT speed
Rich QoS capability in wired and wireless
Real time FAX over IP via T.38 and T.30 FAX with G.711
PESQ is above 4.4 in G.711, PESQ is above 3.7 in G.729
Auto-Provisioning TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS, TR069, SNMP

G702A Practical and Powerful VoIP Wireless Router
The Flyingvoice powerful VoIP Wireless Router G702, G702 includes extended functions which support 3G card, USB memory card, and 2 FXS ports. This design not only provide users with a conventional VoIP and routing capabilities, but also allow users to enjoy 3G wireless network anytime. Users can also take G702 as a FTP server, to share LAN files, pictures and other resources. Meanwhile, 2 FXS ports can be well adapted to small and micro enterprises, 1FXS for telephone, 1FXS for Fax, no need to add additional equipment. G702 VoIP wireless router is ideally suited for small and medium enterprises (SMB) to build wireless office.

G702 supports IEEE802.11ac gigabit wireless LAN standard, the highest wireless speed is up to 750Mbps and it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.For VoIP end user, 5G band can make sure less interference and the transmission quality. The more, users can enjoy greater bandwidth, and enhanced data throughput