G201N4 3Mini VoIP Wireless Router with 1 FXS G201N4


1 10/100M RJ45 port, 4 10/100M RJ45 ports, 1 FXS port
1 USB port, 1 WPS switch,1 WLAN switch
IEEE802.11n 1T1R 150Mbps wireless and 2dBi external antenna
Wireless frequency is 2.4G,and throughput is above 90Mbps in MAX
Hardware NAt(HNAT) engine with 100Mbps NAT/NAPT speed
Real time FAX over IP via T.38 and T.30 FAX with G.711
G.711 codec with PESQ above 4.1, G.729 Codec with PESQ above 3.7
Field proven compatibility and stability, QoS supported
Auto-Provisioning-TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS, TR069and SNMP

G201N4Ρ-Ó2549.1644Mini VoIP wireless router with rich features

G201N4, which has one FXS port, four LAN ports, one WAN port, one USB port, and some other switch buttons, is a high integrated IAD researched and produced by Flyingvoice. It is based on IEEE802.11n technology,can provide user Wi-Fi function with high security,make user enjoy easy network atmosphere, also it supports VOIP, which can allow user to make ATA call using the broadband connection, what’s more,
G201N4 supports T.38 real time FAX and T.30 with G.711.

G201N4 wireless router with VOIP is a stand-alone device, which requires no PC to make Internet calls. This product guarantees clear and reliable voice over Internet, which is fully compatible with SIP industry standard and able to inter-operate with many other SIP devices and software on the market.

G201N4 can also provide a wide range of management functions, such as
1) user can use G201N4 to manage DHCP, DMZ Host, virtual servers, firewall and so on;
2) user can use G201N4 to set up the internal LAN, allowing multiple computers to share a single broadband line and ISP account;
3) G201N4 supports firewall function, which help user to filter the bad sites;
4) G201N4 support hidden SSID(Broadcast Network Name), so that user can prevent AP broadcast the SSID, which can solve the leaks caused by SSID broadcast;
5) G201N4 supports 64/128 bits wep wireless data encryption to ensure the security of data transmission in a wireless network;
6) G201N4 supports DHCP server, and dynamic and static route;
7) G201N4 supports access control, the network administrators can control the Internet access of all the computers which are in the LAN of the G201N4;
8) G201N4 supports virtual server and DMZ host, in order to meet specific application needs;
9) G201N4 supports remote management and system logs, which brings large convenience for the network administrator to monitor the devices;
10) G201N4 supports UpNp, voice and video transmission, online audio and video transmission, online games and other rich features.